Tales of Tyche


Tyche was the Greek goddess of fortune and chance. According to Hesiod she was the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, though she is more commonly thought to be the offspring of Aphrodite and Zeus.

As a gift from her father, Tyche received the power to decide whether a man was to live a blessed life filled with luck and happiness or be subjected to an existence of pain and misery. This is why some writers occasional refer to her as being the fourth Fate.

Though not much is known about Tyche, she is often depicted juggling a ball in order to symbolize the uncertainty of chance. For just as the ball's path through the air indubitably changes from up to down, so too does the circumstances of man.

Because Tyche was considered to be a tutelary goddess, each locality saw her as their own personal benefactor and guardian. Although she was often worshiped in the cities as a protector of good luck, great care had to be taken by anyone who found themselves being overly favored by the goddess.

If at any time their behavior was perceived as beinge prideful or arrogant, they would be severely admonished by Tyche's dreaded counterpart Nemesis, the goddess of retribution.

Nemesis was known to take great pleasure in punishing the boastful by confiscating their wealth and abruptly removing them from their high positions in life.

Tyche is very often associated with the Roman goddess Fortuna.


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